Discover the history of this unique local accommodation!

Alma Nova Alojamento Local

Located in Alpalhão village (Alpariti of Arab origin) and from the beginning of the 20th century. XX, this was an old agricultural house and housing. Already quite degraded, it was finally rebuilt more than a century later, with a name that lives up to this renovation: Alma Nova. Alma Nova accommodation arises from the desire to change the life of its owner, who exchanged the city hustle for a new page written in the land of her ancestors: The Alentejo.

This accommodation in the upper Alentejo also aims to show Alpalhão and its history, which dates back to 1199. But also the cultural treasures that are hidden in its surrounding area, as well as in the region itself. And, of course, the soul of the people who inhabit the deep Alentejo.